Medical Cards
Under 6s Cards

GP Visit Card for Under 6s


1. Register baby’s birth. PPSN will be issued.
2. Apply for GP Visit card online via link below.
3. Inform us when application made so we can accept on our panel.
4. Provide us with new card number for baby’s chart.
5. Aim to complete these steps within 6 weeks of baby’s birth.
6. Make the Practice aware of any issues with this process.


• The cost of your child’s first 2 ante-natal visits and the baby vaccination programme are covered by the State.

• The GP Visit card also entitles them to free doctor visits and free Out of Hours services (eg SouthDoc).

• Once a newborn baby’s birth is registered and they are issued with a PPSN, they are eligible to apply for a GP Visit Card.

• The online application process is simple and quick.

• We allow 6 weeks for parents to organise their baby’s GP Visit Card and provide us with their card number.

• We recognise that, in some exceptional cases, parents may not be able to complete this process within a 6 week period. Such instances should be brought to our attention so that we may co-operate with and assist you.

NB: Without a GP Visit card, a child under 6 years of age is considered a private patient of the Practice and any consults will be charged accordingly.