Laboratory Samples & Results

Laboratory Specimens

All samples (ie blood, urine, sputum, stools, nail clippings) are collected by courier at lunchtime each weekday and taken directly to the hospital laboratory.

In order to get the samples to the labs in a timely fashion, patients are requested to hand in specimens to us in the mornings only. In most cases, we only take blood samples in the mornings also.

If you are informed that fasting bloods are required, you must not eat or drink for at least 10 hours prior to your blood test. However, if you take regular medication, you should take them as normal with a sip of water and inform the nurse/doctor of same on arrival.


If you are awaiting lab results, you should phone the surgery for results within 7-10 days of the sample being taken.

If you have been referred for X-rays or scans by the Doctor, the wait time for results may be longer. You should contact the surgery two weeks after the procedure has been carried out.

If urgent results are received you will be notified immediately upon their receipt by one of our medical staff.

Reception staff are not authorised to give results of any nature to patients as a matter of policy. A message will be taken and either the Nurse or one of the Doctors will phone you with the results. When appropriate, we can also text results to patients.



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