Blackrock Medical Centre Services

General GP Care

Blood tests
Wound care
STI screening
Mental health
Glucose tolerance test
Diabetes clinic

Minor surgical procedures
24hr Blood Pressure monitors
Heart disease prevention
Men’s Health incl testicular/prostate check
Eyesight tests/driving license

Removal of sutures
Ear syringing
Lung function tests (spirometry)
Chronic Disease Management
Physiotherapy Referrals
Cholesterol Check
Dietician Referrals

Child Care

Two & six week checks
Developmental & learning difficulties

Feeding issues/problems

Breastfeeding advice
Childhood illnesses

Immunisations & Vaccinations


Full State-Sponsored Childhood
Immunisation Programme




Hepatitis A and B Tetanus
Typhoid, Diphtheria
Polio, Rabies, Yellow Fever


Flu vaccine become available each September / October from the HSE and is available to any member of the public who wishes to receive it. We routinely offer flu vaccine to our vulnerable patients, eg the elderly, immune-compromised patients, patients with underlying medical conditions, etc.

We run vaccination clinics and/or administer flu vaccines as part of an appointment. Patients will be notified when the vaccines are available and can book in for same.

There is a €20 fee for the seasonal flu vaccine.


It is important that you consider the vaccinations you may need as soon as you know of your intention to travel as most travel vaccinations need to be administered at least four to six weeks prior to travel.

If you are planning a trip abroad we recommend that you arrange to see the doctor well in advance of your journey to ensure that you are covered for your trip.
Many parts of Europe, Australia and North America do not need particular vaccinations for travel but if you are unsure it is best to check in advance.
If you are travelling within the EU remember to get your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)


Dr Lane has a special interest in this area and has extensive experience in the preparation of medical reports for the specific purpose of insurance policies, insurance claims and court cases. This work includes Private Medical Attendants Reports (PMARs) and miscellaneous Medical Questionnaires for insurance policies such as life assurance, mortgage protection, Permanent Health, Critical Illness etc.

Our Practice is on the medical panel for most of the insurance companies operating in Ireland, eg Irish Life, Zurich, Aviva, Royal London, New Ireland and we provide our medicolegal service in liaison with solicitors, barristers, banks and insurance brokers/agents.

If you are interested in our medicolegal services, please phone for further information.