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Flu + COVID Adapted Booster Vaccine Programme – Winter 2022

We are running clinics to administer these vaccines to registered patients of the Practice on the following dates:

Week 1: 4th, 5th & 6th October
Week 2: 11th & 13th October
Week 3: 18th October
Week 4: 27th October

Further clinic dates may be announced in due course depending on demand.

There are strict eligibility criteria for these vaccines as set by the HSE. To avoid disappointment, you should check that you are eligible BEFORE you make your appointment.

NB: The COVID Adapted Booster CANNOT be given if:

1. you have had any other COVID vaccine in the last 4 months
2. you have had COVID infection in the last 4 months
3. you have never received a COVID vaccine

Patients should ensure they know the date of their last vaccine / infection.

You can book your vaccine appointment here.

Full eligibility criteria can be found on the HSE website via these links:

Flu Vaccine 2022 eligibility criteria

Covid Adapted Booster eligibility criteria

Thank you for your co-operation.