Price List

Price List at 1st April 2023

We do not operate patient accounts. All fees must be settled on or before consultation.

GP Visits

Physical Consultation €70
Phone Consultation €50
Phone Consultation followed by Physical €50 + €20
Review Visit (within 7 days) €50
Consultation with Bloods €80
Clinical Letters €50
Repeat Prescriptions €20

Nurse Visits

Appointment €40
Blood Tests €40

Women’s Health & Contraception

Cervical Check Smear Test
(Age 25 to 65 with Cervical Check Letter / ID no)
Contraception – age 17 to 27 only
(State Universal Contraception Scheme)
Contraception Consultation
(Outside of the Above)
Coils Incl 6 Week Follow Up Check
(Mirena / Jaydess / Ballerine / Kyleena / Copper)
€240 (Insertion Only)
€80 (Removal Only)
€290 (Removal + Insertion, Same Visit)
Implanon Incl 6 Week Follow Up Check €160 (Insertion Only)
€160 (Removal Only)
€220 (Removal + Insertion, Same Visit)


Cryotherapy €70 (1st Treatment)
€50 (Repeat Treatment)
24 Hour BP Monitor €100
STI Screen €100
Vitamin B12 Course €150
Ear Syringe €70

Administration / Paperwork

Driving Licence Form €50
Non-clinical Letters €50

Medical Cards, GP Visit Cards & Under 6s Cards

Many of the above charges do not apply if you hold a current GMS card.
However, these cards do not cover all services and some payment may be due.
The most common examples are Driving Licence forms, fees associated with blood tests and non-clinical letters..

Please ask at Reception for further details.

Specialist Appointments – Enquire Within

Menopause Consultations

MedicoLegal (lnsurance claims/applications, Court cases etc)

Ring Pessary Insertion